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2015: Paul Glaser's Book about his Aunt Rosie

Paul Glaser's aunt Rosie spent the period 1942 to 1945 in 7 concentration camps. She was a successful dancer, dance teacher and musician. As a Dutch Jewess, she was arrested by Dutch police and thrown into the Nazi holocaust machine. She survived with the help of her music and dancing. Paul, her nephew, found notes, photos and films in her estate after her passing in Stockholm in the year 2000. It formed the basis of his book about his aunt's story, but also about his own discovery of the truth about his family. This book has been published in English and in 2015, the German translation appeared [see the covers above]. The book also was published in another 8 languages.

The link with our jazz quartet is via the aunt's songs written in the camps. We brought these songs back to live and performed them at the occasion of Paul Glaser's presentation in Baden, Austria. A video recording of that presentation can be found on this site under Life Recordings.

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