Hartwig Eitler Quartet

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2017: Alte Donau | Old Danube -- an afternoon with Elfi and Peter Bauer and with music

2017: Alte Donau | Old Danube. Playing jazz in the open air at the Bauer-home on the banks of the river

2017: Drums in the meadow on the banks of the Old Danube

2017: Vienna-jazz event at the home of Peter Winter

2017: The sextet at the Winter jazz party in action

2015: Songs of Aunt Rosie, Baden, June

2015: Paul Glaser's Book about his Aunt Rosie

2015: Newspaper Echo

2014: From the opening event of Hotel Eden Rock with Karl Schranz in December

2014: Swing at the Art Box Gallery, St. Anton am Arlberg

2014: A great crowd at Skiing Buddha, St. Anton am Arlberg

2014: The Quartet at Skiing Buddha

2014: Picknick bei Elfi & Peter Bauer an der Wiener Alten Donau. Keine Musik.

2013: The Musician's Groupies

2013: Newspaper Report at the occasion of a performance in Baden bei Wien

2013: Vienna's Metropol Theater, June

2013: Hotel Anthony, Sankt Anton am Arlberg

2013: Danish Jazz Fans in Sankt Anton am Arlberg

2013: A break in the band member's skiing the Rendl

2012: Arlberg-Jazz at Passhoehe in Sankt Christoph

2012: Colorado Jazz-Jam

2012: Colorado Blues Jam

2012: Heidi Adair sings at St. Christoph am Arlberg, March

2011: Leberl-Baden-Pool-Party

1968: Way back to the roots -- Royal Flush Orchestra in Concert at the Konzerthaus-Vienna

1967: Way back to the roots - Jazz Mass in Vienna