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Live Recordings

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Baden bei Wien | 2. Juni 2015 | Theater am Steg | Präsentation durch den Holländer Paul Glaser über das Leben seiner Tante Roosje, der Tänzerin von Auschwitz | Einzelbilder und historische Filmausschnitte aus dem Fundus von Paul Glaser.
Als Opfer der Nazi-Ideologie überlebte die holländische Jüdin Roosje 7 Konzentrationslager. Dort schrieb sie Lieder, tanzte und gab Tanzunterricht. Die Tante starb 2000 in Stockholm. Ihre Musiktexte wurden von Paul Glaser im Nachlass gefunden. Das Wiener Hartwig-Eitler-Quartett spielte 4 dieser Lieder als Teil der Präsentation. Irena Noskova, in Wien lebende Jazz-Sängerin mit tschechischen Wurzeln, erweiterte das Quartett mit ihrer Stimme. 

Das erste Lied ist der Melodie von “Ich wollt ich wär ein Huhn“ [Peter Kreuder, 1936] nachempfunden, die zweite Melodie entspricht dem Wienerlied „Ich hab mir in Grinzing einen Dienstmann engagiert“ [Bruno Uher, 1937]. Das Heimwehlied wurde von Helmut Schwarzer aus Baden für das Quartett vertont. Das vierte Lied zur Befreiung hat diffuse Quellen. Auf jeden Fall ist der US-Sopranistin Heidi Adair und dem Wiener Pianisten/Klarinettisten Herbert Swoboda zu danken, dass eine Melodie festgelegt und aufgeschrieben werden konnte.

Baden near Vienna, Austria | 2nd of June 2015 | Theater am Steg | Presentation by Dutchman Paul Glaser of the life of his aunt Rosie | The German-language book “Die Tänzerin von Auschwitz” [English “Dancing with the enemy”] | Still images and historical video clips provided by Paul Glaser.

As a victim of the Nazi’s ideology, Jewish Rosie survived 7 concentration camps. There she wrote songs, danced and gave dance lessons. She died in 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden. The lyrics for some songs were found by her nephew Paul Glaser in her estate. As part of his presentation of Aunt Rosie’s life the Viennese Hartwig-Eitler jazz quartet performed 4 of those songs with the help of Irena Noskova, Viennese jazz singer with Czech roots.

Sources: The 1st song’s melody was taken from “Ich wollt ich wär ein Huhn” [Peter Kreuder, 1936], a tune from the movie Lucky Kids [Glückskinder]. The 2nd tune was taken from the Vienna drinking song “Ich hab mir in Grinzing einen Dienstmann engagiert“ [Bruno Uher, 1937], roughly translated as “I got myself in Grinzing an assistant”. For the 3rd homesickness song, a tune was created by Helmut Schwarzer [Baden, 2014] specifically for the jazz quartet. The 4th and final song has unclear roots and possibly is a combination of tunes found elsewhere. Thanks must go to the US opera soprano Heidi Adair and the Viennese jazz pianist/clarinetist Herbert Swoboda for their contribution in assembling and documenting the music.

Days of Wine and Roses was recorded on the 30th June 2013 at the Metropol Theater in Vienna during the Days of Swing and Wines, a festival of jazz with 11 bands. Recording courtesy of Gerhard Wessely. 
Blues Almighty is at times being used as our signature tune. We are getting inspired by a version performed by Johnny Hodges and Wild Bill Davis. We played it as our signature melody at the January 2013 Jazz Cocktail at the Theater am Steg in Baden bei Wien, organized by Projazz Austria.
Poinciana is a composition by Nat Simon and Buddy Bernie. It was the pianist Ahmad Jamal who popularized it. We like the latin rhythm. The word refers to a plant blooming at Christmas. We perform it here as another of our 2013 tunes for the Jazz Cocktail in Baden bei Wien.
Idaho by Jesse Stome [1941] is an often covered jazz standard, frequently also performed vocally. Gene Krupa or Gene Ammons produced well-known versions. We performed it at the 2013 Jazz Cocktail event in Baden bei Wien.

This video was recorded at the Sankt Christoph Passhöhe at the Arlberg in Tyrol during the winter 2012. The Passhöhe is home to a bar and lounge with regular music offerings during the winter's skiing season. We had a guest singer, Heidi Adair, from the USA, with great response from the audience. She is an opera soprano. Singing jazz was new to her, but with Summertime, we had a tune that is part of many opera's repertoire [the best known aria from George Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess].

All videos were recorded with a small Sony Cyber Shot camera. Both picture and sound get recorded with this small device.  In the case of Summertime, Hermann Mussak from St. Anton carried the camera so that we have some added benefit from a varying visual.

A gig at the Rahofer Bräu in Tattendorf near Baden bei Wien [south of Vienna] is presented here. The room was very lively, there is a lot of noise from the audience's conversation. Our band's configuration differs from its standard -- Ernst Rahofer from Bregenz is on the piano. Ernst has been playing with us earlier during a visit to the Arlberg in March 2013.

Here we perform Take the A-Train [by pianist-composer Billy Strayhorn written for Duke Ellington and rapidly becoming that orchestra's signature tune].