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HEQ 2017 CD Project

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A NEW CD: HEQ 2017

On 18 July 2017, our quartet assembled at the Soundborn Studio in Vienna [Schoenborngasse 9 | 1080 Vienna].

In a single 6-hour session we recorded 18 tunes for a CD.

The resulting MP3 renderings are accessible in this website under page HEQ 2017 Studio Recording. What you hear is minimally edited sound.

The Soundborn Studio:

Gerhard Wessely founded the Soundborn Studio.  

It is located in the heart of Vienna. Please check out the website at Soundborn.at [email at studio@soundborn.at].The studio was created in 1980 by jazz musician Gerhard Wessely. It developed an impressive array of customers, among them internationally recognized greats of jazz. We all have played jazz with Gerhard in various venues in Vienna, with him playing either the saxophone or his clarinet.. Since Gerhard's passing in 2016, his son Fabian Wessely is the man in charge. Previously, he was deeply involved, working along his father since 2006. As such, Fabian has more than 10 years experience as a competent sound engineer. 

For the four of us in the Hartwig-Eitler-Quartet it was great fun working with Fabian!